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About the Lead UC Youth Program


The Lead UC Youth Program, formerly known as the High Lakes Youth Leadership Program, will empower teens to become confident leaders through various acts of service by increasing awareness and involvement in creating a safer, cleaner, more enjoyable community.



Develop youth to become confident leaders.



• Empower teens to make positive choices.
• Engage youth to be involved in community service projects.
• Expose youth to the wide array of community and business opportunities in Union County.
• Encourage youth to become active participants and lead change for their community.


Student Benefits

• Improve personal leadership skills.
• Expand social networks to new community members.
• Increase awareness of the opportunities the community offers.
• Increase their understanding of techniques used to develop positive school and community climate.
• Practice written and oral communication skills.


School Benefits

• Develop a process for peer-to-peer learning.
• Increase understanding of the concepts of conflict resolutions.
• Develop strong student and community linkages.
• Improve student motivation in academic endeavors.
• Complement the Iowa Core Curriculum and 21st Century Skills.


Community Benefits

• Create a corps of informed student leaders.
• Build positive collaboration for community and school development.
• Engage students in community issues and provide grassroots input.
• Get an early start on developing the next generation of community leaders.