An array of job training programs are available to provide tax-aided training for new or existing employees. Programs are highly flexible in meeting the training needs of the employer. The amount of benefits is based on the number of jobs created and wages paid to the employee. The employer benefits from maximizing training while controlling costs.


Southwestern Community College industry-driven workforce development programs and services enhance Union County’s economic well being by increasing the skills of an already productive workforce.

By leveraging training resources, filling funding gaps in human resource development initiatives, and addressing the employment training needs, the skills of Union County’s workers are enhanced, allowing businesses and industries to grow.


Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program (260E)
The Iowa Industrial New Jobs Training Program provides funds to train new employees of eligible Iowa businesses. Eligible businesses may be new to Iowa, expanding their Iowa work force, or relocating to the state.

Iowa Jobs Training Program
The Iowa Jobs Training Program provides job training services to current employees of eligible businesses which are located in Iowa.

Accelerated Career Education Program

The Accelerated Career Education Program (ACE) assists Iowa’s Community Colleges to either establish or expand programs that train individuals in the occupations most needed by Iowa businesses. The goal of the program is to provide an enhanced skilled workforce in Iowa.