We hold periodic workshops, events, seminars on various business topics that are applicable to small business owners and large employers. This provides an opportunity for business owners and managers to network and learn from each other.

Iowa’s SBDC’s:

    • Provide free in-depth quality assistance to small businesses in all areas that promote growth, expansion, innovation, increased productivity and management improvement.
    • Link resources of federal, state, and local governments with those of colleges, universities and the private sector to meet the needs of the small business community.
  • Develop and expand the unique resources of Iowa.

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Regional Small Business Development Center (SBDC)

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Resources for New Businesses in Iowa

Trade Name:

A Trade name filing must be made by any sole proprietorship or partnership engaged in business under a name different from their own true surname. A trade name essentially informs the public “who” they are doing business with but registering does not create any proprietary rights in the name. Corporations or limited liability companies organized in this state or authorized to do business in this state do not file for a trade name. All other trade names are filed with the county recorder in the county where the business is located.

Legal Structure:

Today a list of organizations to choose from has increased significantly. There are now eight main types of business organizations one may use to operate a business in Iowa. They include:

    • Sole Proprietorship
    • General Partnership
    • Limited Partnership
    • Limited Liability Partnership
    • For Profit Corporation
    • Nonprofit Corporation
    • Professional Corporation
  • Limited Liability Company

Iowa Secretary of State  provides detailed information on alternative business structure/ownership.

Iowa Business Permits and Licenses:

Iowa does not use a “general” business permit or license. To determine your business permit or license requirements go to the following web site and click on “Start Your Search Now”.

Iowa Business License Information Center


Iowa Taxes:

You are required to register your business for withholding Iowa Income Tax on compensation paid, sales tax, use tax, etc…

Iowa Department of Revenue – At this web site you may register for the following Iowa permits:

    • Sales Tax
    • Automobile Rental Tax
    • Hotel/Motel Tax
    • Household Hazardous Materials
    • Consumers use Tax
    • Retailers use Tax
    • Withholding Tax
    • Corporation Income Tax
  • Partnership Income Tax

Iowa Sales and Use Tax Guide – includes Iowa and Federal W-4s, sales tax exemption certificates, Iowa Sales and Use Tax information booklet, schedule of Iowa Tax Classes. If you buy goods and services for lease or other exemption purposes, give a completed Exemption Certificate to your suppliers. If you sell goods or services for resale, you need to obtain exempting certificates from your customers. Iowa Sales and Use Tax Booklet include listing of sales tax exempt goods and services.