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Iowa’s National Career Readiness Certificate

In an effort to address workforce challenges, Iowa Workforce Development and Iowa’s Community Colleges have implemented the Iowa’s National Career Readiness Certificate (NCRC). An assessment-based credential that gives employers and job seekers a uniform and objective measure of key workplace skills.

Those seeking jobs who want to stand up and get recognized while searching for a job can contact Southwestern Community College to take the assessment test. Call SWCC Adult & Continuing Education at 641-782-1424

Employers now have a clear, standardized tool to assess the skill level of potential and current employees to assure job applicants actually have the basic work skills they seek and a way to determine an individuals’ readiness and trainability for positions within the company.

For more information on NCRC click here

We are seeking employers in the region who will recommend the NCRC for their hiring practices for one or more of their positions.

Employer Letter of Commitment

Over 70 Regional Employers have committed in using NCRC!!!