Through confidential on-site surveys utilizing the Synchronist Information System we are able to monitor and understand perceptions of the business climate in aggregate and relay that information to the public sector and appropriate agencies. This proactive dialogue will improve public policy and development initiatives to ultimately create a more vibrant community and increase competitiveness.


Regulatory Assistance – We are able to advise and assist companies in the preparation and submission of permit or applications with appropriate regulatory agencies. We can serve as a liaison between the business and regulators to facilitate communication to answer questions regarding quality regulations and assist in expediting the permitting process.

Infrastructure – As a key component of economic development, we can provide consulting services on your specific needs as it relates to demand and access to infrastructure. By understanding your consumption and satisfaction we can provide insight on the following: water, sewer, natural gas, electricity, telecom (voice, internet access and speed), roadways and rail access.

Community Tours – On behalf of your company, we can provide community tours for your customers as well as potential employees who may be relocating to the area. We will show how Union County has an ample amount of quality of life and the array of services available to them.

Employee Housing Location Assistance – Taking the guess work out of relocating employees is key when attracting quality workforce. We will work with your new employees to provide resources to find adequate housing to meet their needs inĀ  the short and long term utilizing our professional realtors in the area.