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Application Form

Please complete each section in full.
Applications may also be typed or handwritten and submitted to:
Lead UC
Union County Development Association
301 W Montgomery Street
Creston, Iowa 50801

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1. Application to the Lead UC program is open to persons living or working in Union County.

2. Class members are selected by the Lead UC Selection Committee on their own merits based upon the information provided in
the application. The Committee selects a diverse group of men and women from a cross section of Union County including
business, labor, education, arts, religion, government, community-based organizations, and non-profits. The Committee
encourages persons of ethnic and minority origin as well as those with disabilities to submit an application.

3. Attendance at each class session is crucial to the success of the class. Attendance for all nine sessions is mandatory. Prior
permission must be obtained from the Lead UC Program Director for excused absence from any session and may be granted
only in cases of extreme personal emergency and unavoidable business conflicts. A participant will only be allowed two
absences, if absolutely necessary. Failure to attend or to obtain prior permission for all class sessions may result in a
participant not graduating from the program and forfeiture of tuition payments. In addition to the regular class sessions, class
members are expected to participate in assigned outside discussions and activities.

4. Due to size restrictions of each year’s class, it is possible qualified applicants will not be selected for the class.
Applicants are encouraged to reapply in subsequent years.



NOTE: Tuition for the program is $250.00, non-refundable, payable prior to the opening session. Typically, your employer or respective organization will cover the fee as professional development. If you need financial assistance or need to make special arrangements for payment please contact the UCDA office at 641-782-2003