The Mission of UCDA

The Union County Development Association seeks to strengthen the economic base and well being of Union County through a commitment of “service” in the areas of industrial retention and recruitment, housing programs and inspiring collaboration for total community development.


The History of UCDA…

The UCDA is a non-profit, non-political development corporation which has served Union County for 15 years.

The organization originated with the Creston Development Company (CDC) which was founded in the ’50s. The CDC helped bring about the expansion of several industries in Creston. Nearly all our current industries trace their roots to the efforts of this group.

Several members of the CDC sensed a need for a stronger countywide industrial development efforts and secured UNI’s Institute of Decision making to help organize our planning and development process. After a number of meetings, the Union County Development Association was born in April 1997. The result was one development organization which not only focuses on the recruitment of new industries, but retention of existing industries, retail recruitment and retention, housing initiatives and tourism.

The UCDA receives funding from a Public Funding Council to allow the communities and the county to pool their financial resources for economic development. More than 50% of our funding, however, comes from private individuals, business & organizations and other UCDA owned investments.

Board of Trustees

2016-2018 Strategic Plan